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MWYD 2020

Dates for the Days in Parishes  - 5 – 9 December 2020
The following Dioceses have agreed to host: Archdiocese of Johannesburg, Diocese of Witbank and Diocese of Bethlehem. Guidelines for hosting have been sent to the above mentioned dioceses. A committee with representatives from the hosting Dioceses will be set up at the SACBC Level to assist with the preparation.

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Dates for the Mini World Youth Day  - 9 – 13 December 2020 

 The host diocese is the Archdiocese of Pretoria,
The venue is Tshwane Events Centre (Show Grounds).


This is valid from 1st March – 30th June 2020.
To qualify, the group should deposit and pay within this period, failure to do so, your package will be rebilled for the late payment term. The group has 14 days to pay a 50% deposit after uploading their lists and should pay the full amount before 30th June 2020.


  1. Full Registration + Days in Parishes = R3040. 00

  2. Full Registration = R2850. 00

These packages provide for the main venue, accommodation, Catechesis, transport during the pilgrimage, meals, and backpack. All pilgrims, including from Pretoria Archdiocese and surroundings, are required to take the full registration packages, there will be no provision for less. This will give them access to the Tshwane Centre to participate in the MWYD.


  • The Registration link only for the Group Leaders will be made available on the 5th March 2020 afternoon. This will be emailed to the Dioceses and made available on our website which we hope to finalize next week.


  • The registration will allow groups of 15 or 25 or 50 participants. If you choose a group number you will be given exactly those number of spaces to add your group and the form will not allow you to send if it has less people. If you repeat names, you will have to pay for each name that you added.

  • The group leader is required to manage the registration on behalf of the group. S/he will register his / her details and send them. The registration team will review his / her submission and approve, by giving specific Reference Code/Number and then that person will be able to add the rest of the information including the names of his / her group members.

  • Groups are either from Parishes, Deaneries, Diocese, Associations, Sodalities, Movements, but correct information is required and the registration team will verify the authenticity of the information submitted before a group leader is approved to continue with the registration process.

  • A group leader cannot register two or more groups under his / her name, otherwise, the system will charge you a full fee each time you add your name to a group or repeat a name. This is meant to avoid having one person leading a large group and losing control of it.

  • Groups of 15 must have at least two responsible adults. Groups of 25 must have at least 3 responsible adults. Groups of 50 must have at least 5 responsible adults.

  • All Group Leaders’ contacts from the same diocese will be sent to the Diocesan Bishop, the Diocesan Youth Chaplain, and the Diocesan Youth Coordinator to be in contact with all groups for spiritual preparation and other logistics.

  • The time between September and November will be reserved for Spiritual Preparation. The issue of having our young people attending large gatherings unprepared has been raised in many platforms. The Mini World Youth Day is a pilgrimage and some level of spiritual preparedness is required.

  • We request that groups start registering people as soon as possible so that we avoid having a deficit and late preparations.


Are you Coming for MWYD 2020 in Pretoria?!

MWYD2020 Poster.jpg
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